About Over a Morning Coffee

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Hello, I'm Mrs Morning Coffee and this is my family. There's Mr Morning Coffee and my two sons the coffee beans.


Over a Morning Coffee or what I like to call OMC (!!) is a blog idea that has been developing in my mind for a few years now. 

For some reason I have a real knack at picking up and retaining what I refer to as 'useless' knowledge. Ask me what date I got married and I'd really have to think about it; I mean when I was booking my flowers I told the florist the wrong date. If I couldn't remember before it happened I'm never going to remember years down the line! But ask me how to get off fake tan and I'd immediately tell you that lemon juice is good or tea tree toner I have found works particularly well! 

After having coffee bean number 2 we decided I was going to become a stay at home mum but the deal was I had to find ways to save money so that we could manage on one wage. Thats where my journey really starts and snowballed to the place where I'd come out with some quirky piece of knowledge or advice to friends who would then say - how do you know this stuff? Why don't you blog it?!


It wasn't until I became a homemaker and mother that I realised all this useless knowledge that I'd picked up or that had been imparted to me by the previous generations of my family had actually prepared me for this huge role in life - being a grown up!!

I was brought up in a family where the make do and mend ethic was still strong. We weren't a throw away family, we couldn't afford to be. Anything could be useful and anything could be made out of a something perceived as 'junk' that others might throw away. My Dad would produce random objects out of his shed - 'want to make a spaceman outfit? - here's a hoover tube to tape to a lemonade bottle and you have an air tank!' My Mum had a total creative sense where she could literally make anything out of nothing - fancy dress competition - here's some cardboard and some red crepe paper and ta da I'm going to dress you like a tomato ketchup bottle...and I won!! There was time spent with my grandparents. In Grandad's wood shed watching him saw, plane and chisel wood into all different things and of course picking up all the wood scraps from the floor and hammering them together to make your own contraptions. Or watching my Nan take a ball of wool and knit it into the amazing (but itchy!) cardigan you were going to have to wear.  Then there was the weekly event of watching the mobile hair dresser come on a Friday morning and set my Nan's hair in rollers. I'd watch intently how to roll the hair and fix it in place and in between built things with Grandad like a Robinson Crusoe fort with the spare hair rollers, much to my Nan's irritation!


But it was from all of these things that I found anything can be used to create something else. Things aren't only for the specific job they were produced for and with a bit of clever manipulating, amazing things could be created!  I learnt to think outside the box and it was intrinsically in built in me to be frugal at the same time. 

I had generations worth of knowledge imparted to me directly and indirectly whilst growing up and this gave me a thirst in finding out new things for myself too; especially things that made my life easier and saved me money. Who knew this would one day be quite so useful and lead to a blog like this!!