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3 Ingredient Toffee recipe: with a 'How to' video!!

Brittle toffee is something I have made since I was 14. It's so tasty I memorised the recipe way back then! Well, I roughly did and I've been able to produce it for multiple occasions since, which has actually been quite handy!

I've used this recipe for sticking together a gingerbread house, last minute bonfire night toffee apple slices and even those peckish midnight hours of university days when the sweet tooth calls. This was an emergency ‘bake’ made with 'borrowed' **cough** individual butter portions from the campus canteen.

I first found the recipe in a Rolad Dahl's Revolting Recipe book, but now I just guess the proportions and I don't think it's ever failed - unless I've burnt it! The original recipe called for the use of a sugar thermometer and so determined was I to make this that I even had to research how to work out when it's done without the use of a thermometer. Sugar thermometers were an expensive piece of kit when I was 14...it was 22 years later before I got one thanks to my savvy Mother-in-Law who, in a general chit chat, logged the fact that I'd always wanted one and so gave me one as a Christmas present. I literally can't remember the last time I was that excited opening a present as an adult!

Rather than doing a step by step guide I’ve made a HOW TO video so that you can see just how easy it is to make. So if your cupboards are looking slightly empty and your sweet tooth has got a craving then this could be the 'bake' for you!

It's also delicious if you dip apple slices into it and coat them like you would a toffee apple – you know, just incase you feel the need for a healthy aspect. I have debated putting it over popcorn too, but I’ve not tried that yet…something for the future!

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