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An Unfiltered Coffee Moment: Auto correct has a mind of its own and it's pure filth!!!

Auto correct, it's like it has a mind of its own. The amount of times that I write a message and then have to send an explanation straight after when I realise that spell check has changed a word into something that makes no sense or worse something which may seem a little offensive!

At Christmas I had to email my sons beaver leader about the Christmas Panto but instead ended up asking her if there were any ‘Pants tickets’ left!

This week, however, auto correct out did itself and totally beat the pants incident!

I needed to buy little Coffee Bean some new wellington boots and so I didn’t forget I typed into the digital diary ‘Order wellies from Marks and Spencer,’ then I clicked save and closed the lid to the laptop not thinking anything more about it.

I’ve just opened the document to check the jobs list and reading through was confronted by a totally different instruction;

‘Order willies from Marks and Spencer’

Now I know sometimes businesses need to diversify but Marks and Spencer selling willies?! I mean I if they did I guess they’d be in the…er…well...food hall section?! Oh goodness, picture that scene, a stand full of willies next to the ‘DINE IN’ meal deals!!!

I can imagine the slogan now...

Right must order those wellies before I forget!!

*part of the Image by Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay

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