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An Unfiltered Coffee Moment: My first Smear test!

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

When I went for my first smear test I was obviously a little nervous but as many of us do I got my game face on and decided I was going to try and look as experienced at this as possible!

I went through the normal routine: get undressed, get on the bed, try to keep some modesty, and (as a nurse practitioner once said to me) assume(d) the position!!

The nurse did her normal spiel and the test began. I mean it was all very medical and professional and it's actually quite quick. But still I managed to find a funny side to this rather awkward moment when the following conversation occurred.

Nurse: Is this your first smear test?

Me: Yes (she says in a wavering voice unsure of why she's asking)

Nurse: Oh! You're very relaxed.

Now at this point laying on my back with my legs spread open I wasn't sure whether telling me I was very relaxed was something I should take as a compliment or a complete insult?!!!! I mean, what was she trying to say....you're doing very well or I can see you're used to this position?!!!!!!

To this day I still don't know which way to take it but it still makes me giggle even now!

I know we don't all relish going for a smear but it could save your life and lets be fair, I'm sure what the nurse said to me was a total one off!!!

Find out more about smear tests at Jo's trust.


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