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An Unfiltered Coffee Moment: The Bra - how do you put on yours?!

Wearing a bra is something that most women do and yet getting into it is not something we all do the same. Have you ever asked your friends ‘How do you put your bra on?’ There will be numerous methods that emerge just to do this simple task.

Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay

When I first started wearing one my mother taught me to do the clasp at the front and then spin it round to the back and put my arms through the straps and pull it up. Years ago my sister laughed at me when I said (and I have no idea how we got onto the subject) something about doing the clasp still at the front.

‘Haven’t you learnt how to do it up behind you yet?’ was her question and I felt like a complete idiot stuck in my 10 year old self. To be fair the method worked so I'd never changed it!

Anyway, need I say that this was one moment where I gave into the peer pressure from my sister and the embarrassment of feeling like I was still 10 years old and started to do the clasp at the back.

Even doing the clasp at the back has different methods to it. I have tried so many times to simply just put my arms through the front and then pull the straps back round and do it up, but I just can't do it. I can never contort my arms to find the hook and eye bits, they seem to be playing mischief under my armpits and I just can’t get hold of them. To add to this if I do manage to get hold of the rogue hook and eyes by the time I've done that my boobs have usually escaped from the cups round the front!

So now my method is to wrap the bra around me (inside out and upside down and not yet over the boobs) and do up the hooks and eyes up around my back. Yes I’m a total professional now, I can do the clasp up behind my back without looking...years of practise! Then I just thread my arms through the straps, pull them up onto my shoulders and wriggle and jiggle everything else into the right place!

This method has never failed me, well that is until this morning when they unthinkable happened. At the point where I put my arms through the straps and went to lift them both onto my shoulders I got stuck. How this occurred I'm unsure about, as with many major incidents it all just happened so quickly. The straps had twisted themselves around over and over and over again and they had become so tense they had no give in them and they’d managed to pin my arms down to my sides and I could no longer move!!

It’s hard to describe this moment so this is my artist impression of what happened!

Obviously I’ve made myself look much slimmer for this representation and I’ve given my self what appears to be more like a B cup because drawing a G cup in comparison to the incredibly tiny waist I’ve given myself just seemed a little offensive!!!

Thankfully for me this morning Mr. OMC was at home, who knows what I’d have done if not. He was also able to come out of the office to help me…that could have been an interesting video call meeting, ‘Excuse me everyone sorry about the underwear situation but I need some assistant from my husband to get out of this straight jacket, which has cleverly disguised itself as my bra!’ Oh the shame!!

When he came upstairs he actually thought I was crying but no, despite the pain it was causing as it constricted me like a boa snake, I couldn’t stop laughing at how funny the whole situation was. I mean we all know that we can sometimes have embarrassing mishaps with bras, too much cleavage spillage, clasps undoing when you’re out in public or even the odd nipple escape act but never 'Help my bra is straight jacket!'

Perhaps it's time to find a new way to put on my bra! How do you put yours on? It seems I'm in need to some tips!

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