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Channeling your inner 'Friend': I’m definitely a Monica!

I think its fair to say that if you were a teenager in the 90’s then you’ve probably heard of the sitcom Friends. If you haven’t my guess is you live in a remote village of the world or basically…under a rock!

First we had rumours of a Friends reunion in the making and now we have confirmation that its happening. But what made this sitcom so popular? Well for me it was all about the the characters.

With such a range of characters it’s hard to not to find something or someone that you connect with. Many a topic of conversation over the years has been ‘Which character do you think I am?’ Sometimes we’re only one and other times we are a mix but for me I’m definitely one particular character…I’m a Monica.

Monica the organiser

When Monica is organising a wedding I can totally relate. She takes things to the extreme more than I do (of course that’s what makes it funny) but I am the one who can produce a wedding folder in a matter of minutes and who is full of ideas which come streaming out of my mouth in excitement as soon as anyone has an engagement ring on their finger! My own wedding was planned with ‘some’ precision all the ushers had a timetable of the day and a breakdown of what jobs they had to do, but that was as far as it went. After I delegated out exactly what I wanted I was able to take the Phoebe approach and just let the day happen!

Monica the host

Monica loves to host, that’s why everyone is always at her house! It’s just the way she likes it. Now we have children those raging alcohol fuelled parties don’t happen like they used to but before our parental days there was always a party being planned at our house. I’m not quite as neurotic as ‘The pen lids have to make the clicking sound to make sure that the lid is on secure,’ the only pens we have out are the ones to write your name on your cup so that you don’t get your drinks mixed up! But I do enjoy hosting and making sure I’ve created an event where people are having a good time and just like Monica when the event is over I am itching to do the clean up.

Monica the feeder

Monica bakes for a number of reasons. Firstly because she obviously enjoys it, but secondly because she likes to hear peoples praise. Yes I’m not ashamed to say it, I love hearing people say how nice things that I’ve baked are! It’s nice to feel that you can do something well and we all have something we like to be complimented on. Some people spend ages on their hair because they like the compliments, some people titivate the garden constantly because they like the compliments for me I like to bake and feed people and hear how good it is!

Monica the secret clutter hoarder

If you ever said the phrase ‘Have you got a Monica’s cupboard?’ there’s a good chance people would know exactly what you’re going on about, even without a mention of Friends. The episode where they find the key to her clutter cupboard crammed full of everything is just genius. It shows the side that she fears, the one where people might think she hasn’t got her shit together. We all have clutter in our lives that we like to shut away in cupboards but for me it’s a whole room!! I hate clutter taking up space everywhere – basically because I hate dusting and clutter collects dust. So to make sure that we are as neat and tidy in our living spaces as we can be we have a storage room. We call our storage room ‘room 5’ and I must do a post on room 5, it's like a favourite talk of topic between some of my friends!

Room 5 is basically where we keep gifts we buy through the year ready for birthdays and Christmas. It’s also where we keep clothes the eldest has grown out of but don’t fit the youngest yet and it’s even where we keep the food that we’ve bought in bulk and wont fit in the kitchen. Basically it’s like a shop (!) and by December it usually looks like a bomb has gone off in it. Stuffed to the brink with everything and anything. We admit we’ve got it, it’s not a secret room, but it’s at the end of the house so you don’t generally just happen to walk past it…out of sight our of mind?! Then when people come round we just close the door put the latch on it and just pretend like it's not there!

Monica the honeymooner

When Monica goes on her honeymoon she becomes determined to make the most out of her new marital status….yep totally on board! When Mr. OMC and I went on our honeymoon we went to Jersey. Coming off the ferry they stopped the cars for security reasons and to check details. The security officer asked my husband to roll down the window and then asked the usual question ‘What is your purpose of this visit?’ Much to my dismay Mr. OMC replied ‘We’re on holiday’…what? Are we? Not as far as I’m aware we’re not! I lent over to the drivers window, interrupted and correctly informed security ‘Actually we’re on our honeymoon’. If looks could kill Mr. OMC would have widowed himself rather quickly into the marriage right then and there! I was quickly put in my place as a new wife (as if!!) ‘He doesn’t need to know that, a honeymoon is a holiday.’

I sat back giggling realising that I had truly just pulled my best Monica ever! The security guard finished his spiel and checks and wished Mr. OMC a nice holiday and then purposefully looked at me and rather sarcastically said ‘and you enjoy you HONEYMOON’ so I sarcastically replied ‘Thank you I will.’ I mean in Monica’s case she tells everyone she's on honeymoon to get upgraded, we were driving our own car so I don’t know what difference I thought it would make…but still it’s the principal!

So there you go my reasons why I know that I am truly channeling my inner Monica.

Which Friends character(s) do you think best sums up your personality?

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