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Christmas Decoration shopping...in Summer!

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

There hasn't been too much Christmas planning going on in my head recently but now one of my favourite parts of the year has arrived!

In years gone by I used to love nothing more than flicking through a Christmas catalogue. I would collect them from literally everywhere and have a stack of them to look at whilst I was having a cup of tea.

It's not that I ever planned on spending loads of money or in fact actually buying things from them, it was more like comfortable (and rather safe) window shopping. I always found that they gave me some inspiration and more importantly looking at Christmas stuff filled me with that warm cosy festive feeling that is always so nice.

Times have changed though and I no longer need a stack of catalogues, instead I can do the same online and the best thing is that some places release their Christmas stock in the summer! No I’m not kidding, if you know how to search for it you can find it.

One of the first places I have found to get Christmas stock online is always John Lewis and this year is no exception. I love looking through their things as they theme everything (not that I theme anything at Christmas!) but for some reason this appeals to me. This year the themes all revolve around art. What stood out to me was that they have a lovely selection of baubles and even the large multiple packs are beautiful colours. I’m very tempted but we already have 100+ baubles on our tree (I am rather partial to a bauble!) and I think Mr OMC would have something to say about it if I bought more!

So if you want to check out the John Lewis Christmas decorations then head over to their website but this is the important part. Do not type in Christmas in the search bar it will take you to a landing page that tells you that the Christmas shop will soon be open. There's a trick to finding Christmas stock in the summer! Instead you need to type ‘Chritmas’ into the search bar. No that’s not a typo, miss out the middle ‘s’. Since the word is spelt wrong the site tries to guess what it is you are looking for and defaults to showing you everything tagged under Christmas. At the moment John Lewis says everything is out of stock (essentially my guess is that it's not yet available in the warehouse) but it should be in stock in a few weeks. This way you get a head start and if like me you spot something you like it also means you have time to save the pennies for it or plan accordingly!

Happy Christmas browsing!

To find more Christmas Trickle posts head over to the Christmas section on Blog posts on my website...or follow this link! https://www.overamorningcoffee.co.uk/blog/categories/my-christmas-organising-journey

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