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Do you Sporcle?

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I think it's safe to say that in lockdown many of us have probably become glued to our gadgets for entertainment purposes more than usual, I know I have!

I’m not a massive social media fan so I'm not one for trawling through Facebook or Instagram for hours on end to occupy my time. There are also only so many games of sudoku I can play on my phone before I feel like my brain is about to explode with boredom. There is, of course, plenty on the 'to do list' to be getting on with but sometimes I just can’t be bothered! I could always try baking but my trousers are telling me that’s not currently the most sensible option since I had to use a hair bobble to extend the button on my jeans a couple of weeks ago! Too much baking in lockdown! Then there is always the housework, but sometimes my body is just too tired and wants to rest.

The thing is although my body might be tired my brain very often isn’t. It wants to be active so what to do in these situations. Well the answer is simple….Sporcle.

If you’ve never found Sporcle it’s a website that is full of online quizzes. We’ve used it for years now in our house. We’re not regular users but for me it's always there ready to be brought out when the occasion arises.

I love this site so much for the simple fact that I can take 5 minutes out, give my brain something to think about and I also don’t need to have anyone else ‘play’ it with me. That’s not to say that you can't play the quiz in a group, Mr OMC and I have many a time done the quizzes together but it does cause arguments when I’m the one typing and I’m spelling all the words wrong!! He's super competitive and I think hates to think that we’re wasting time with all my spelling corrections! Did I mention these quizzes are timed? That’s what makes it even more fun and when you're playing on your own being against the clock keeps the competitive side exciting.

Sporcle has quizzes on all different subjects and it will come as not surprise to many of you that my favourite Sporcle quizzes are Christmas related! The only problem is that now when I click to play a quiz I'll realise I’ve already done it before. I mean there are 100’s probably 1000's of quizzes on there but obviously I’ve typed Christmas into the search bar a few too many times!

Big Coffee Bean was doing a nature challenge the other day but it was raining out so we opted for a Sporcle nature quiz instead. We chose a picture quiz on 'Food before it's harvested' (see below for the link if you want to try it) and he was amazing at it. He spotted things I didn’t even know and since then he's regularly asked if he can do anther quiz together! It really is entertaining!

So if you find yourself at a loose end and your brain needs some stimulation why not give Sporcle a try. To get you started I’ve put you some links to the ones that I’ve really enjoyed doing….and yes the first one is a Christmas one!!!

Happy Quizing!

Can you name the Christmas song from a snippet of the lyrics?


How well do you know your Julia Donaldson books?


Who knew there were this many 3 letter body parts?


Do you know which lyrics follow the song title?


Can you pick the characters that appeared in the film? You only get 45 seconds!!


Can you name the UK cities? Wow, my geography knowledge is terrible!


Can you name the food before its harvested from its picture?


N.B. This is not an affiliated post I just really enjoy using this website and wanted to share!

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