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Halloween Spiders

With Halloween fast approaching I thought I should share with you a quick and easy make to do with the kids or even just as adults wanting some fun! This no bake recipe only requires assembly of all the ingredients but gives maximum impact.

My Halloween spiders were first created last year on the 31st October when I stood in the middle of the supermarket and thought 'What can I do with the Coffee Beans tonight?' We don’t do trick or treat in fact we don’t really ‘do’ Halloween but when you’re young you always want to take part in some of the fun that it brings and I didn’t want to disappoint.

The thing is (as you may already know) I’m quite frugal and I’m not one for paying huge amounts for overpriced novelty bakes or sweets in the supermarket. Instead it was about creating something myself cheaply and easily. It was also one of those days were I couldn’t face baking, so I picked up things that I thought might work together and which I thought could also double up as pudding for after the evening meal. Purely by chance our Halloween spiders were created and were so much of a hit we’re making them again this year!

How to make Halloween spiders

One of the good things about these is that the ingredients are easily interchangeable which can benefit your budget and make it more accessible to those needing to work around food allergies.

You will need (per person)

· 2 chocolate cookies (soft ones are best because they flex slightly and wont break when you sandwich them together)

· Melted chocolate or chocolate buttercream for gluing/sandwiching together

· Something for legs. In this picture I used Curly Wurly Squiggles but you could also use pretzel sticks, Mikado sticks, strawberry laces (or other liquorice laces), or anything else which might resemble legs!

· Something for the eyes. I used Smarties because I had some in the cupboard, but you could also use raisins, chocolate buttons, a blob of water icing or anything else that resembles eyes!!


Start by getting 2 cookies and spread the melted chocolate/buttercream onto the flat sides of each. Last year I used melted chocolate but this year I will be making these virtually with friends children so I’m using buttercream to make it easier!

On one of the cookies (which you've just spread with melted chocolate/buttercream) lay the legs with 4 on each side. Last year I used Curly Wurly Squiggles, which gave a brilliant effect, but I only bought 1 bag and there’s never as many in the bag as you think there’s going to be! This year instead I’ve bought pretzel sticks…since I cheated and bought the buttercream I thought I’d save and buy cheaper legs!

Place the second cookie (the side with the melted chocolate/buttercream face down) on top of the legs as if to sandwich the legs between the 2 cookies.

Use a small amount of melted chocolate/buttercream as if it were glue to stick on some edible eyes. Last year I used Smarties but only because I had a spare tube in the cupboard…which is highly unusual as chocolate never really lasts in this house! This year I think I might just raid the cereal cupboard and use a couple of multigrain hoops, I mean why not, they look like eyes and will save me buying something else!

Leave the biscuits to set if you’ve use melted chocolate and then there’s nothing else left to do but eat them!

If, like my friend, you couldn’t find cookies big enough to fit eight legs or like me last year there weren’t enough legs to go round then why not try improvising and making Halloween frogs instead!!! Oh the abilities of a parent to adjust instantly when things don’t go to plan!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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