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Monday the 13th…it’s the new Friday!!

It's a bonus post!

Do you ever feel like the universe is working against you?! Today I did, nothing major just a constant trickle of unfortunate events! I've decided Monday the 13th is the new Friday the 13th!

Monday 13th January 2020

1am in the morning + some minutes

Too tired to even remember the exact time. I woke up and sneezed, nothing too major it seems but one sneeze led to another and I spent the next hour trying to fend them off and get back to sleep.


Now either I’ve dozed off and not realised or I’ve been laying here awake for over and hour.


There's a rustle from somewhere in the house and then I hear the thumping of feet as Big Coffee Bean runs into our room. He's had a bad dream and can’t get back to sleep and needs some comforting.


I’m still awake and frustrated!


The point when your brain said ‘if you don’t get to sleep in a minute you’re not going to get any‘!


I roll over and wake up but unfortunately this is late in our house. The alarm was supposed to go off at quarter to 6 but Mr OMC’s phone had a software update and the notifications to his alarm had got turned off. Now we’re late. It’s always annoying when you’re late and the alarm doesn’t go off but a Monday morning somehow always seems worse!

Still trying to be optimistic thinking I could salvage the day I get showered and dressed and headed downstairs. Unfortunately the positive attitude doesn’t last long.


Youngest Coffee Bean is in tears (the false ones that they try and squeeze out in order to get their own way) and eldest Coffee Bean is doing everything in his power to torment him and elevate the situation.


Queue me telling them both off and trying to keep the calm.


Repeat of the tears.


Repeat of me telling them off.


Repeat of the tears.


Repeat of me telling them off...it's falling on deaf ears.


Repeat of the tears.


Repeat of me telling them off, theres a definite pattern here!


I over filled the little Coffee Beans bowl with Rice Crispies and when I pick up the dish I scatter all the dry ones floating on the top of the milk all over the kitchen floor.


It's so bad by this point I have some healthy wheatabix with skimmed milk and then chase it up with a slice of chocolate cake.


I’m trying to dry my hair with 2 boys under my feet (one still crying) and screaming at them to tidy up before school above the noise of the dryer.


My mothers voice comes out my mouth as I say to the eldest ‘If I have to tell you one more time, then there's going to be trouble’ and thankfully and rather sensibly he heeds the warning!


Back to me screaming again for them to get ready, but we have made it upstairs. 6 year old Coffee Bean is on the biggest go slow of his life and 3 year old Coffee Bean is more interested in playing with the suction cup on the bottom of his brothers toothbrush whilst knocking as much stuff off the bookcase as possible.


We’ve made it back downstairs and managing to get shoes on its looking like we might actually make it to school on time. Finally my constant nagging is paying off!


We turn the corner to school (fingers crossed we’ll make the gate before it closes) and there in the middle of this tiny road is a county council van doing something maintenance work and it's blocking all the traffic. I have no choice I dump the car at the kerb and make a dash for it down the road Coffee Bean in tow – still on a go slow.


Big Coffee Bean makes it through the gate just in time but decides to take a snails pace across the playground on his way to the school door. I scream from the roadside 'Hurry up!' Goodness knows what these other parents think of me but to be honest I’m at the point where I don’t care!


I’m interrupted screaming at my child by a car alarm which is now going off. Maybe someone else is having just as bad a day as me? No wait, it’s my car alarm! I run down the road frantically pressing the button on the blippy car key but it doesn't work until I'm practically next to the thing!


I breathe a sigh of relief as I get in the car, maybe that's it for the day. It's not, it's short lived as just around the corner I pull over to demist everywhere as it seems me running has created far too much hot air and caused the windows to condense. Note to self – get more fit.


Nursery drop off, quite uneventful, thank goodness.


I’m on the road to where I need to go (literally not metaphorically) and theres a ‘ROAD AHEAD CLOSED’ sign. I know this road it floods with bad rain but I’m willing to chance it or else I will be late.


Yep theres the flood. I take a deep breath, slow down, I put my foot on the pedal and I hear my Dads voice ‘Whatever you do don’t take your foot off the accelerator else you'll break down’. I hold my breath as the water splashes up and out the sides spraying all the car windows, I appear out the other side and breathe!


I make my delivery I needed to and I choose to take a different route home to miss the flood.


I realise that they’ve closed the road I'm on and I am stuck between the closure…the whole road is coned off! I mean could this day get any worse?!!


I finally make it home by which point I have managed to lean up against the car (which is covered in dirt from the flood water) my coat is filthy, as are my jeans and I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge beckwards as my Mother would say.


I’ve taken off all the dirty clothes and dumped them in front of the utility door, I've lost the will to try and sort them right now. I wonder if maybe I just need to start the day again, so I head up for a quick shower, in the hope of feeling more relaxed and refreshed.


I realise I have no more shampoo left so now I’m washing my hair with Johnsons baby shampoo, hello fly away hair! Then I remember I’m running low on underwear. Do I have any more in the drawer or am I going to have to try and clamber past all the dirty things I just dropped in front of the utility door to try and find a dry pair? The idea of the shower is not going quite as planned.


I'm out the shower and rejoicing at the fact that I still have one pair of socks and one pair of knickers left! Whoop whoop!! Unfortunately I’m down to the emergency bra, you know the one that doesn’t quite fit, is dead uncomfortable and does nothing for you but it's going to have to do. 

From here on in I decide that after missing lots of sleep last night and the morning I’ve had I’m just going to hibernate on the sofa and try and catch up with some work and all is good until it's time for the school pick up!


The time has come to venture out into the world again, oh I really don't want to! But surely my luck couldn’t still be bad…think again!


I make it to Nursery to pick up the youngest Coffee Bean, but hes been playing in the water play outside and is currently getting changed from where he has soaked himself through. I don’t mind him playing in the water, I live with boys they’re always filthy after their adventures but added in today it just seems so ‘appropriate’ that this would be the case!

He's left his coat outside and I go to fetch it whilst he finishes getting dressed. I open the gate to the outdoor area and not realising just how strong the wind is I let go of it and narrowly miss squashing a child who took the opportunity to go through it whilst it was open. He looks at me startled and I apologise in my best teacher voice. Phew, close call!


I find little Coffee Beans coat but since he is now only in a t shirt I rummage around for the spare hoodie at the bottom of his nursery bag and put that on him to keep him warm. I help him on with his coat on only to find that it's also soaking wet…yep the pick up is turning into the same nightmare as the drop off! I get him to the car, we’re now late, and we head on our way to do the school pick up.


I look in the mirror and little Coffee Bean is asleep – oh no the school run just got harder. Sometimes when he wakes he point blank refuses to walk and I again end up looking like a total harassed mother as I drag him down the road!

Thankfully hes in quite a good mood when he wakes and is willing to do the school run without fuss but as his coat is wet he chooses to walk down the road with just his hoodie.

We made it bang on time for pick up, how I don't know and I stand on the playground jiggling little Coffee Bean around to keep him warm whilst we wait for big Coffee Bean to come out. I can't help wondering if there are any parents on the playground parent shaming me in their thoughts 'Look at that mother only putting her child in a hoodie without a coat, he must be freezing'

Thankfully big Coffee Bean comes out quite quickly and as the boys greet each other with a hug a big chunk of my frustration of the day disappears. But still I don't want to be parent shamed so I make a point of loudly exclaiming 'Come on lets get to the car before your brother gets cold because he got his coat got all wet at Nursery.' I don't know why I did this, maybe no ones even noticed but it makes me feel better!

By the time Mr OMC makes it home I'm so relieved. He takes pity on me and cooks the dinner whilst I busily rant on here about everything thats happened today.

All I want to do now is crawl into bed and get the 13th over and done with! Today just got worse as it went on but venting it out I now feel like my therapy is done!!

Now I’m off to buy a lottery ticket because surely not everything in a day can be all bad and unlucky…can it?!

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