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Quick ideas to keep kids occupied!

The other week a friend told me that after weeks of lockdown she is running out of ideas of what to do with her child. The main issue being that she spends ages setting up a lovely activity and the kid plays with it for 5 minutes and then is bored and doesn't want to do it any more. Its left her as a parent feeling a little weary and deflated.

I came to the rescue and offered some ideas. They're not amazing new ideas but they are things that can be done simply with very little resources or time needed to set up.

As it's half term and I think is the week 8 of lockdown (I've totally lost track now what week it is!) I thought I'd share the email I sent with you in this 'Bonus post'!

This weeks official post was actually out yesterday and funnily enough was of a similar thread about entertaining the kids with a bucket and some string! If you want to read that post head the to the blog post section on the website https://www.overamorningcoffee.co.uk/blog

This post isn't written to my usual standard it's just a copied and pasted email to a friend and the photos are a little hazy because they are just what we had in our album. But hopefully it may give you some inspiration and might also get the kids to stop pestering you!

Activity ideas

* Find a colour chart for paint or screen shot one off the computer and print or keep on your phone. Can she find something which matches each colour?

* Write the numbers 1 -10 on a piece of paper and then go on a number hunt to look for each number. Can be done outside or inside and cross off as you find each number. 

* Put on some wellies and make water footprints on the patio outside, Can you make pictures / patterns?

* In the sink pour water from one vessel to another. How many of a smaller one will fit in the bigger one? Guess and try it out. 

* Go on a mini beast hunt and make a bug hotel in the garden using natural materials

* Put some poster paint in a zip lock sandwich bag. Make sure all the air is squeezed out. Tape the end up for extra security so that the paint can’t escape. I ususally stick mine down to a tea tray too but you could stick it to a table or a window to stop it moving around and then she can draw and write letters and numbers in the paint and its totally mess free!!! 

* Make water pictures on the patio on hot days. Use toys that you can roll through the water like car tyres to make patterns or print with flat surface such as toy animal feet. You could also use paint brushes with the water, calpol syringes, a peg with a piece of cotton wool or folded up kitchen towel in the end anything really and as it dries they just start again…never ending canvas! 

* Make role play areas….

- Vets with toy animals and a doctors kit

- Restaurant with home / kitchen toys.

Make a menu and set up a till so people can pay

- Post office with a box with a slit cut in for posting letters through.

Use weighing scales for weighing parcels

- Film / photography studio (teach her how to use her camera on her kindle or your phone) and then she can sing and dance and take photos of teddies and things. You can also add a few props like hats, microphone feather boa, dressing up costumes etc if you have them.

* Make people paper chains that she can add faces to and colour in.

* Make some super hero goggles out of paper…you can make a whole outfit it you want she’ll probably spend the day in it! 

* Build tall towers

* Make long tunnels to drive cars down…we sometimes put train track through ours too

* Printing with objects, you’ll need lots of paper, they love this and they fill a sheet really quickly

* Simple cooking or making lunch activities

* Making homes/houses for toys...this is for all the dinosaurs! 

*Masking tape stuck to the carpet to create a giant roadway or make an obstacle course

You don’t have to teach her you just have to play! Kids love doing things that grown ups do, let her help hang out the washing or do some washing / drying up with you.

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