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Savoury pancakes- my attempt at them!

Every pancake day we make sweet pancakes for pudding and every year I think I should try out some savoury pancake recipes instead.

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

The other week I was watching a Jamie Oliver program and he said he does the '1 cup method' (or whatever he calls it) for pancakes. I have to state at this point I don’t do batter Mr OMC has to cook anything batter related because for some reason I can’t cook anything edible where batter is concerned. So I recruited him to try the simple Jamie pancakes and I thought about the fillings...best bit really!

Jamie Oliver suggests 1 mug of plain flour, 1 mug of milk and 1 egg. Straight forward it seems, but I don’t know about you when I opened my cupboardI was met by a range of mug sizes. Which to choose? I plumped for the most average looking size mug – if that’s a thing at all?!

First things first we made a stack of pancakes, which actually came out looking really good – this would have been a different matter if I’d been in charge of the frying pan.

I tried out 3 fillings. I haven’t spent days perfecting each type or making multiple pancakes and fillings until I’ve got the balance of everything just right. This is real life, there was only a short window of time in which to try these out and so the ‘recipe’ I’m gong to tell you about is my first attempt! I'll tell you what I did, what worked and what I’d do differently next time. I also tried to make them simple because there's nothing more I hate than having to cook a ‘meal’ first just so you can add it to something else for that to then be cooked into another meal…if you catch my meaning!

Beef and Horseradish pancake.

Mr OMC’s favourite sandwich in the whole world is roast beef and his favourite Sunday roast is, yes you guessed it, beef with a dollap of horseradish so I thought I’d try and combine this into a pancake.

I took the pancake and spread some horseradish all over it. Mr OMC tasted it and said it could do with some more, so I obliged – this was a mistake, it was so hot it made my eyes run when it came to eating it. On top of the horseradish I layed a couple of slices of cooked sliced beef like you would get from the deli counter at the supermarket. If I was to make this again I’d change the sliced beef to perhaps a quick fry thin beef steak or I might even go for the cheaper wafer thin stuff. My main thing would be that I'd make sure I heated the beef first in the microwave or simmered it in some gravy stock, because I put our slices in out of the fridge and it took too long to heat.

Once the beef was on I just rolled it up – no rocket science here, then I put it on a tray ready to go into the oven for a few minutes to warm it. If you’d just cooked a beef frying steak then you could probably skip this step and go straight to eating but our pancakes were also cold as we’d made the stack of them first.

When serving we made some gravy to pour over the top and this is where I think warming the beef in some gravy/stock first would have been ideal because we'd have already had it made!

I have to say it was delicious it was a bit like having roast beef and horseradish rolled up in a Yorkshire pudding, I mean what could be better?!

Brie, Bacon and maple syrup pancake.

This one was possibly my favourite! We took one of our cooked pancakes, dotted some slices of brie over it and then added some bacon. We had smoked bacon but if I’m truly honest I don’t care much for smoked bacon. It has a nice taste but it easily over powers everything else and this made it harder to taste the brie so definitely go for unsmoked.

We also put the bacon on in large chunks and in hindsight this was probably a bit over kill on the bacon stakes and it made rolling the pancake up harder. Next time I’d definitely chop the bacon into small pieces before sprinkling it over the brie.

Once the toppings were on we rolled the pancake and popped it on a baking tray and stuck it in the oven long enough to let the brie melt and the pancake to get hot. I served it with a little ramekin of maple syrup and actually it really worked. Bacon and maple syrup is a classic and it added something to the pancake being able to dip it in. If you don’t particularly like maple syrup you could replace it with cranberry jelly or cranberry sauce, although I think I would add this into the pancake (on top of the brie and bacon before rolling it up) and now I've made the suggestion I'm definitely going to have to try it out next time!

Pizza Pancake.

Theres nothing more the Coffee Beans like than pizza for dinner and so I thought if I could make a pancake inspired by pizza then why not give it a go. It tasted better than it looks but there are a few changes I'd make if I did it again.

I started by mixing tomato ketchup with some oregano, but upon eating the finished product I found that the oregano was too overpowering and I also realised at this point that it's not a herb I particularly like the flavour of either! I used tomato ketchup as this was an experiment and I literally only made one, but I have to say if I was making this again and making it for dinner (therefore making more) I would actually open a carton of passata and use that as the sauce just like we do on pizza. I was just being lazy and trying to save opening a carton by using the ketchup! After the sauce I sprinkled a light layer of grated cheese on top. I used ordinary cheddar, you could use mozerella like a traditional pizza but cheddar was the only cheese we had in the fridge (apart from the brie!) so thats what we went with.

I added some favourite toppings on top of the cheese which in this case was chorizo and caramelised onions. I know these sound rather 'posh' pizza toppings but they were literally just oddments I had in the fridge. The third pancake I’d initially planned on trying to make was a roasted vegetable filled pancake but since the leftover onions and chorizo fell out the fridge at me when I opened the door I went with the pizza theme!

To finish it off as you would do with a pizza I did another light sprinkling of cheese over the toppings, rolled it up and then put it on a baking sheet and popped it in the oven long enough for the cheese to melt and the pancake to warm. It was tasty, which surprised me because when it came out of the oven it looked the worst of the 3!!

You can see from the pictures none of the pancakes came out looking spectacularly instagram ready!!! Let's face it who consistently produces week night dinners that look like an instagram photo?! I didn’t want to use filters on the photos and dress the plates with green and garnish I wanted them to look like they would if you were trying to whip them up on pancake day whilst all the normal household chaos happens around you!

They were all really tasty (except the oregano and the fact the bacon was smoked) and I’m definitely going to be trying them again for dinner. My brain is on overdrive thinking about what other savoury combinations I could use too!

What would your ideal savoury pancake filling be?

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