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Sometimes you just need to get off the treadmill!

Do you ever find yourself in that situation where you feel like things have been non-stop for weeks on end and you just need to cancel the weekend and get back to basics.

We had one of those this weekend. We had a list of jobs as long as your arm but we cancelled it all and decided to spend some time being a family and being kind to ourselves.

On Sunday morning at 11am I stood looking out of the kitchen window. The sun was shining, it was warm without being roasting hot and a sense of calm and happiness came over me. We all have these moments but sometimes it’s hard, when you’re busy, to stand back and take stock and just enjoy the moment and make a memory.

Mr. OMC had all the bikes out on the lawn pumping up the tyres and doing some maintenance on them…you know, as men like to!! The Coffee Beans were sat with him eagerly waiting their turn to use the pump on the tyres, I love how children find the boring grown up jobs totally exciting. Yes, lets be fair, the youngest was holding a small stubby screwdriver and although he was being sensible with it I wondered how long it would take before he decided to try and ‘screw’ on the wheels and cause a puncture? Not everything can always be perfect!

The rest of the grass was strewn with toys, there was a pile of skittles underneath the swing ball and five minutes later both children had got bored and were busy jumping on the trampoline.

I stood inside and had an overwhelming instinct to put on the radio, perhaps a bit of easy listening to enhance the day and to turn on the oven and start baking.

In that moment I had regressed back to my childhood. On a Sunday morning my Dad would be busy doing jobs, my Mum would be baking and cooking the Sunday lunch in the kitchen and the archers would be playing on the radio. The house on a Sunday always had a totally different feel to it. It was relaxed and calm and the smell of a roast dinner cooking always filled the air.

Back then summers were warm, I mean I’m sure sometimes it rained and was cold but I’m reminiscing here so of course there’s a good dose of rose tinted glasses going on! The back door and front door would both be open and there would be a gentle warm breeze flowing through the hallway of the house, accompanied by a small pitter patter sound of those retro fly curtains. You know the ones, the colorful strands of plastic that hang in the doorway to deter the flies but instead attract all children. They whisper in the breeze with a call that only those under 12 can hear ‘Come and play with me, I need to be twisted and plaited and hung on your head to make it look like you’ve got long multi-coloured hair’!

I can remember sitting eagerly waiting for the sun to come round into the garden so that it could dry the grass off and I would be allowed out to play swing ball without dragging wet dewy grass through the house. Pestering my mother asking time and time again when would I be allowed out. I don’t know why I continually asked the answer was always the same...soon!!

All of this came to me in that split second as I looked out the window and I realised we had done it. I stood looking at our swing ball and the plastic fly curtain strips which now too adorn our doors and I realised, we had got off the treadmill! We managed to have a relaxed family day and enjoy the simple pleasures of life that we had created, our home, our garden, our family. I don’t know why we don’t do this more often, we really should?!

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