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Store cupboard peach crumble

Ever have those days where you think it would be great to have a hearty warm dessert to eat after dinner but you just don’t have time to make anything? Never fear as long as you’ve got 5 minutes for prep work I’ve got the answer and after that let the oven take over!

As a child my mum would always cook a roast on Sunday and if there was a pudding there was a good chance it was going to be a crumble. The thing is I’m not a massive fan of crumble! The fruit always seemed too tart and the only way she would ever get me to eat it was if she made double the amount of topping to drown it out.

When I went to university I was in a hall of residence that was fully catered and most days you’d choose the reliable yogurt for pudding. Sometimes, however there would be a dessert on the menu that everyone would want and peach crumble was one of them, it always went really quickly!

Ordinarily you wouldn’t think to put peaches in a crumble. If someone says fruit crumble you immediately think apple, rhubarb or at a push plum, but peaches are a fantastic option too and big Coffee Bean is always pleased to see it on the menu.

The best part about this recipe is that you can make it in minutes from ‘store cupboard’ ingredients. I say that loosely as not everything can be kept in a cupboard but it is made with items you probably have lurking around somewhere!

I once came home from work for Mr. OMC to tell me that we were having a guest for dinner. A friend was passing by with work and asked if we’d like to go out for a meal with him but Mr. OMC insisted that he should come round to ours and we’d cook for him. Unfortunately this was one of those days were you need to go shopping and you’re not even sure what there is for you to eat let alone serve up a meal to a guest! I think perhaps, however, I should be thankful as when I told this story to my mother in law she burst out laughing and said it wasn’t as bad as when my Father in law invited a host of people round for a dinner party gave her a couple of hours notice and managed to do it on a day where they didn’t have a sofa as a new one was being delivered the following morning! At least we had a sofa and it was only one extra person!

After a quick rummage in the cupboard and I’d at least found something I could rustle up into a decent pudding to serve…and with that lets get down to the recipe.

You are going to need

Tinned peaches



Sugar (I use plain old granulated)

Tinned custard or ice-cream (this is optional and you could use cream, but custard is always in our cupboard and ice-cream is always in the freezer!)

You could make this recipe using flour if you wanted but I much prefer the oats, they are more filling and make the topping look more like flapjack, which means the Coffee Beans eat it!

Depending how much of each ingredient you want will depend on how big you want the pudding. I usually make it enormous in a large Pyrex and it keeps in the fridge and feeds us for a few days. I also haven’t grown up yet from my childhood and I still like to do an extra amount of topping so that it’s nice and thick and also I find this goes further! The amounts needed for topping is all about ratios 1 part sugar and 1 part margarine to 2 parts oats.

Here’s a quick guide to decide on what amounts you want and then it’s on with the recipe.

1. Turn on the oven to 180 degrees C to preheat.

2. Drain the peaches and put them into a Pyrex - obviously the larger the amounts the bigger the Pyrex will need to be. I use a deep family lasagna size Pyrex for a ‘Ginormous and Extra thick topping.’

3. Weigh out the oats and the sugar in a bowl.

4. Weigh out the margarine in a microwavable bowl. At this point they’d say combine the mix by rubbing together but I’m too lazy so I cheat…

5. Melt the margarine in the microwave for a few seconds until its runny

6. Pour it over the oats and the sugar and stir until it is all mixed in and the oats are coated and no longer dry.

7. Put the oat mixture over the peaches

8. Put in the oven and bake until golden brown, which should be around about 40 minutes.

It really is that simple. You can eat it hot or cold and serve it with any accompaniments you like and as I said before it keeps well in the fridge. It’s one of our family favourites and the fact that it’s so quick and easy makes it a regular on our dinner table!

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