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Thank you School Staff

I know some schools are coming to the end of their summer terms and this year has certainly been a strange one! Teachers and school staff have continued to be in school throughout the COVID pandemic to care for key workers children, whilst continuing to support families learning at home.

I know I would normally be sending in a gesture of thanks for staff around about this time but with social distancing what is the protocol? Also, with many of us having to tighten our spending what we want to do and what we can afford to do are two different things.

School staff don't ever expect gifts but a thank you goes a long way. If you want to say thank you to a school or member of staff share this video. It's FREE I've made it to share with everyone who wants to show their appreciation for how much teachers and staff have been doing. They've worked through their holidays, they've done whatever (where possible) the government has asked of them and if you've spoken to a teacher lately you will know that most of them are exhausted but they still go into school with a smile on their face each morning ready to welcome in the children.

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