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The Christmas Trickle

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Hear me out, I love Christmas but it can seem like a lot of work! I hate that stressed feeling of being too bogged down with a list a mile long and that feeling of not enough time to do things! Not to mention there’s also always a million and one coughs and colds going around (lets not even mention coronavirus!) and come the festive season one of these is always guaranteed to put an extra spanner in the works. No one relishes feeling awful from a cold and still feeling they have to be going full throttle through their Christmas plans to fit everything in.

A few years ago I decided enough was enough, this wasn’t the way I wanted to spend the festive season. So the following summer I started getting organised and this is why I write this post now to share with you my Christmas organisational plans.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a 6 month plan on how to make the biggest and best Christmas ever. This is more a 6 month trickle, hence the name! A slow trickle that meanders in the background so that when December does arrive everything is practically all organised and ready and I am able to sit back and enjoy the season. It starts off slow in the summer thinking about what I want out of Christmas this year. Mulling over what I think might be nice to do, creating (in my head) new ideas for ways to decorate and even what we might like to eat. Then as the months progress I start to add little bits in that I know will help me be ready, organised and totally chilled when the festive season arrives.

Since taking this approach Christmas has just got better and better and by that I don’t mean bigger and more expensive. I’m all about doing things on a budget and not over-spending and we also, by choice, prefer some quietness and simple moments in the festive season. That’s not say we’re unsociable (we’re not) we just like our family time and refuse to over pack the schedule to the point where we lose that! When we became parents we knew there would only be a few years where ‘the magic of Christmas’ was real and we wanted to make sure we made the most of it.

The other day I posed a question to a friend where I asked; If you were only allowed to bubble with one other family over the festive season…who would you choose? Her reply was simple and totally made me smile.

‘Surely that is obvious! It's Christmas, so you want your home to be filled with Christmas. There is only one family who can do that…the OMC household!’

Well that might have to be added to one of my top 10 proudest moments and it made me wonder whether to share my Christmas organisation process on here. I was still unsure until overhearing a conversation at the school gate and then I thought maybe this year is actually the ideal time?

Two parents were talking about what the school approach in September may look like then they diversified into ‘What is Christmas going to look like?’!

Would we be in second wave? I mean who knows by that point would we be in a third wave? Would people in their Christmas rush still be polite enough to social distance down the aisles in a supermarket? ‘Oh no, please, you go first and take that last turkey off the shelf.’ Lets face it shopping in the supermarket 2 days before Christmas is pretty lethal and normal manners for many disappear quickly, now imagine that with COVID-19 restrictions!

I know some will look at this post and be screaming ‘Too soon!’ but for others this could be the ideal plan. If you’re thinking that this year are going to have to really tighten the purse strings at Christmas then stay tuned, I’ll have budget friendly ideas. If you’re just fed up of chasing your tail in December and being too tired to enjoy it all, I’ve got you covered. By December 1st you’ll be sat with your feet up watching as many crappy Christmas films as you want. If you’re just concerned about what Christmas 2020 may bring with a pandemic looming over us and want to be able to be organised and ready this is for you. Most importantly if you just want some inspiration or a place to find your inner Christmas spirit then look no further this is the place to find it!

My Christmas Trickle journey will cover everything and anything, if it’s Christmas related I’ll be thinking about it! I will post my journey as it naturally happens, some weeks my brain will be working none stop on Christmas ideas, some weeks I am totally Christmassed out but that is the beauty of starting early. Even when you take a break you’re still finished before the rush.

So if you want to join me on my journey (reading along or joining in) then make sure you follow me on one of my social media accounts or login on my website and you’ll get sent email notifications straight to your inbox when a post goes live.

Why not even invite a friend along on the journey too. It's even more fun when there is someone who you can share your seasonal plans (and excitement) with, so tag them in and share this post!

I can safely say once you’ve planned Christmas this way you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it like this for years!

To find more Christmas Trickle posts head over to the Christmas section on Blog posts on my website...or follow this link! https://www.overamorningcoffee.co.uk/blog/categories/my-christmas-organising-journey

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