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To Host, or not to Host?

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Last night Mr OMC and myself found ourselves discussing what we wanted to do when it comes to Christmas in terms of hosting and visiting.

This is always one of our first things to decide on as it kind of affects every thing else.

Years ago we threw out traditions and decided to carve our own path! When it comes to cooking the full on Christmas dinner, for us, there is basically no rule book as to when it happens, we do it when it suits us. We’ve hosted for family and we’ve hosted for friends. We’ve hosted Christmas eve, Christmas day, Boxing day and even as early as the 2nd of December for a Christmas dinner with friends. It's a total moveable feast in the OMC house!

Years ago when big Coffee Bean had just turned 1 I hosted Christmas dinner on Christmas day…never again! I wanted to spend time with my family what happened was I stood in the kitchen stirring bread sauce and basting a turkey. As a result a year later our Christmas day buffet was created and Christmas dinner was moved to a ‘less stressful’ day!

Christmas dinner with friends is brilliant and we usually try and book this mid December, although, as pointed out earlier, sometimes the first weekend in December is the only one everyone is free on! We actually extend it from just the meal to have a whole fake Christmas day, which classically includes sitting the kids in front of the tv to watch the snowman and opening a few budget friendly and homemade presents! We call this ‘Friends Christmas’ and it's so much less pressure as well as being something special to do. If you're thinking about changing up your traditions I can highly recommend this approach.

I’ve always said I’d love to have a huge Christmas party but to be honest the expense of having one at an already expensive time of year means we've never actually done it. That and the fact that I don’t want my beautifully decorated for Christmas house to get trashed…not that it would, what I mean is I can’t be bothered to do the clean up!

Perhaps you don't enjoy cooking and don't fancy having to create a big buffet or meal. Go for something simple, mince pies and mulled wine or a more budget friendly option a winter spiced apple drink. It's amazing what can be created from pouring a carton of fresh apple juice into a pan and adding some festive spices and warming it through slightly!

Perhaps you hate hosting entirely. This doesn't meant that you can't be sociable, organise for a walk out somewhere and take a flask of hot chocolate and some biscuits for everyone as a surprise and to add a little something extra to the event. We can all, and far too easily, get wrapped up in 'all singing, all dancing' hosting ideas, but really I just want to keep things simple, see people and make some nice memories.

So if you want to be prepared now is a good the time to start mulling over ideas about what you want to host and when, if anything at all! Nothing has to be set in stone but it's good to have a rough idea so that you can fit your other Christmas plans (like decorations, presents, food and budget) around it. Perhaps even this year is the time to start planning virtual events? Who knows whats going to be happening in December?!

I’m definitely thinking that a massive Virtual Christmas Quiz might be on the cards this year since most of us have got used to quizzing over Zoom or Skype during lockdown. Bonus is, with my Christmas obsession that’s one quiz I think I might actually stand a chance of winning!

To find more Christmas Trickle posts head over to the Christmas section on Blog posts on my website...or follow this link! https://www.overamorningcoffee.co.uk/blog/categories/my-christmas-organising-journey

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