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Who knew they needed a sandwich bag holder?!

We have a new addition to our kitchen. No it's not a fancy food processor, in fact something much smaller and more space saving….it’s a holder for my sandwich bags, I'm so excited!

I have to say I didn’t know I needed a sandwich bag holder until I saw it (isn’t it always the case?) but now I’ve got it I love it! I love it so much that the second day we had it I took a photo of it and text it to my friends with a message saying ‘How much do you want one of these?’! It just had to be shared and so I thought I’d share it with you too.

Anyone who has visited an Ikea store before will know that they’ve gone in with a budget in mind, or ideas about what they are after, and have come out having spent twice as much money and with much more stuff than they ever knew they needed. Shopping at Ikea online I have found is really no different! There's always something that I find and think ‘Oooo that would be good’ and this is how I came across my bag holders.

I had wanted to try the Ikea freezer bags but since we don’t live near an Ikea I thought I’d make the most out of an order and get one of each sort - that meant 6 different sizes in 3 boxes. Is it silly how exciting I find that?! Now the thing is my drawer which contains normal food bags, greaseproof paper, tinfoil etc was already looking a bit full and I knew having all these extra bags in it would be ridiculous.

Then I came across the GLÖMSTA (see link below) - a nifty little gadget that holds the boxes of Ikea ISTAD bags (see link below) and which has suction cups on the back to stick to your kitchen tiles or in our case the fridge. This seemed ideal, although I have to say I’m always wary of suction cups as they don't always stick as well as you hope they will. I was wrong, these ones are amazing, they’re really stuck on tightly!

We bought two of the holders. Three I thought might be a bit overkill and the third box of bags has huge sizes in it, and I knew I wouldn’t be using those on an everyday basis. So we have 2 boxes of food bags and each box has 2 sizes in, so thats four different size bags all neatly stored without cluttering up more drawer space.

In the past whenever I need a food bag you could almost guarantee that I’d have messy fingers from whatever I’d been prepping, and then I’d be trying to carefully detach a bag from the roll it was on whilst not getting them all messy too. The best part about this gadget is because they are easily accessible and pull out singularly, I no longer have to worry about figuring our which fingers are still clean enough to not make more of a mess!

IKEA ISTAD (the food bags)


IKEA GLÖMSTA (the holder)


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